We identify technology, training, and processes needed to incorporate into your resume; making you more marketable.



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Once we have your buy in we develop your resume from start to finish.

My Resume Today monitors changes; adapting to what is being hired for and utilizing key words to increase your number interested employers.



We use surveys, interviews, and observation to compile a comprehensive networking database to enhance your visibility within H/R. Professional resume writers

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My Resume Today


“My Resume Today delivered everything they promised. I started applying and within weeks I was interviewing within 5 different healthcare facilities!”

Tiffany Johnson

Community Health Systems (CHS)

  •  Finding your strengths
  • Building your image
  • Better positioning you for immediate hire.
  • Engaging your community
  • Incorporating altruistic characteristics within your professional work experience.
  • Developing your resume
  • Getting you interviewing
  • Resume Writing Services
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  • Resume Writing Guide
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My resume team HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – monster.com to University Career Services Department's.

My Resume Today will design your resume/cover letter and then help set up your first interview with either a:

  • Talent Management Organization
  • Healthcare Network/Hospital/Physicians Group
  • Recruiter of your choice; industry dependent.

We know how hard it can be as an Aspiring Actor/Actress and making your mark in Hollywood.  Finding the right Agent can make all the difference!  We have diversified our staff to bridge Healthcare, Service and Talent Management industries; allowing for our clients to experience success within each!

Our staff consists of individuals with "Real World Experiences", along with academic backgrounds to enhance your position in the applicant pool. 

Our staff includes those with Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Science in Management, Professional Resume Writers and Community Engagement Specialists.  All designated to find what hiring managers want and providing you with that added edge!